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Meetings + Events Services

Your annual events calendar is more packed than it’s ever been and connecting with more audiences than ever before: your people, consumers and patients, and HCPs and KOLs. Ensuring that you show up as a unified brand demands a programmatic approach to ensure you’re connecting the messages and delivering the most critical brand proof points.

Whether live, remote, or hybrid, we create meeting and event experiences that make people fall in love with your brand. We have produced 100+ launch events for new therapies and indications for medical devices, pharma, and diagnostics clients. From general sessions to breakouts, train-the-trainers, and sales training sessions, we design and produce end-to-end meeting and event solutions that drive your business year-round.

We believe that healthcare meetings and events are incredible moments to inspire, connect, and move hearts and minds. And most importantly, to show what your brand is about. We understand that a single event is more than just a product launch or a town hall, it’s a key moment on a bigger journey to building authentic relationships with the audiences most important to you and your brand.

At Jack Health, we make an incredible partner because we speak experience, brand, science, sales, content, training, measurement, and production. At each step, combining our world-class, award-winning creative with our scientific and regulatory expertise to deliver extraordinary meetings and events.


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