Points of View!

Head to head. Tough questions. No holds barred.

Operating at the intersection of culture, healthcare, wellness, science, biopharma and brand experience, our subject matter experts are often tapped for their points of view. But we wondered what would happen if we added microphones, cameras, and REAL POINTS to find out whose views would rise to the top.

Join us for Points of View with Jack Health, as we battle it out for the ultimate prize: a 30 second soap box. No guardrails, no restraints, a true strategy brain dump. Who will win?!

– Season 1 –¬†

Episode 1

Thirty seconds is on the clock! In our pilot episode of Points of View with Jack Health, we put our very own healthcare strategists head-to-head to answer three tough questions:

    • Is at-home health monitoring tech an evolution or revolution?
    • Is CES in or out?
  • What will healthcare marketers be talking about the morning after the Big Game?

Check out what Jamey Hardesty, SVP, Strategy Director, and Jimmy Doucette, VP, Strategy Director, have to say.

Episode 2

On your mark. Get set. Discuss! Our second episode of Points of View with Jack Health is here! Join us as Jamey Hardesty, SVP Strategy Director, and Jimmy Doucette, VP Strategy Director, go head-to-head on the hottest topics in healthcare. From Apple Vision Pro to drug launches to AI,¬†they’re breaking it down.