Global Genomics Forum: Hybrid Event Strategy & Production

Client: Leading Genomics Organization

A Thought Leadership Forum in Genomics

Global Genomics Forum: Hybrid Event Strategy & Production

A forum experience that centered around fueling and improving human health

A leading genomics organization wanted to connect with their customers, partners, thought leaders and key decision makers in a radical format that would capture the immediacy, urgency, and relevancy of the genome (as showcased during the outbreak of COVID-19 and the global pandemic) highlighting a central point: the genome era is now.

It became clear that to increase the speed of genomics adoption while cementing the company’s position as a leader in the field, it would be necessary to convene global innovators and changemakers across the genomic & healthcare spectrum under one roof, to connect on setting more ambitious goals to move the industry forward.

We created a forum experience that centered around fueling and improving human health. We championed the scientific breakthroughs of the genome era, facilitating connections between science’s greatest minds to radically alter the future of what human health looks like through a forum that disrupted what a healthcare conference can and should be. The event included some of the world’s biggest celebrities, live music, patient content, a podcast studio, engagement activations to drive conversation, and 70+ speakers from around the globe who are impacting the future of health and its possibilities.

The event drew close to 3,000 attendees, split between in person and virtual. The brand set new baselines knowledge gained and the audience’s brand familiarity and thought leadership insights exceeded expectations. Plus, the real star was that attendees expressed high levels of satisfaction with the event and the majority were likely to not only likely to use genomics but also adopt new genomics practices.