Jack Morton

Jack Morton is  an experiential marketing agency that exists to reimagine what an experience can be. By pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in every format – virtual, live or hybrid – Jack creates the worlds most talked about experience brands.


Practice Brands

Our collective of practice brands bring differentiated specialty expertise that drives innovation.  We create purpose built; cross functional teams teams designed to meet your needs.

Genuine is Jack Morton’s digital marketing practice.

We’re a digital experience agency that lives up to the name.

From brand evolutions and experience transformations to platforms and products, data and intelligence, campaigns and content, if we make it, we mean it. And you’re going to feel it.


Jack 39 is Jack Morton’s sponsorship consultancy arm.

We help brands contextually prove their promise by identifying and building meaningful partnerships in sports, entertainment, and culture. We represent brands at the negotiation table. Using impartial data, we work to demystify sponsorship, drive negotiation, and optimize your investment. And we do it with clarity, creativity, and forward-thinking. We exist to help you make informed sponsorship decisions at every stage, including before, during, and at the renewal or exit of a partnership.


Jack X is Jack Morton’s global experience innovation practice.

We exist to defy convention.

We fuel audacious innovation at the intersection of technology, content, and web 3.0 to reimagine what a brand experience can be.

We create experiences that are more immersive, responsive, curated and connected.


VIVI is Jack Morton’s inclusive marketing practice.

We are a diversity-driven inclusive marketing agency, helping brands connect with the world’s most powerful consumer through the world’s most powerful medium— brand experience.

We create experiences that recognize HER – her culture and community. We specialize in making her feel valued, understood and truly seen. Whether it’s live, digital, or hybrid, our unique and culturally relevant experiences deliver proof on your brand’s promise.


The IPG Network

Whether it’s audience, content, communications, insights or strategy, we’re ready with the bench you need. Beyond our in-house capabilities and specialty practices, we closely and regularly collaborate and partner with our network partners across IPG Health and IPG DXTRA Health to provide integrated solutions that maximize your investments across your marketing mix.

IPG Health is home to the world’s most celebrated and awarded health marketing agencies. We are a collective of over 45 agencies and 6,500+ people across six continents driven by a healthy obsession with creating novel marketing solutions and doing what’s right for our clients, their brands and our people

IPG DXTRA Health is the world’s most diverse health communications network. We bring together uniquely configured solutions to help our clients tackle healthcare’s biggest challenges.  Our model places clients at the center of highly specialized capabilities, to stay ahead of accelerating trends and find new and meaningful ways to earn attention and engage audiences. We bring experts in PR, branding, digital, experiential, influencer and entertainment together to deliver creative, meaningful and stand-out answers.