Product Launch Meeting: Event Strategy & Production

Client: Top 10 Pharma Company

Launch Meeting for new to market therapy

Product Launch Meeting: Event Strategy & Production

Creating a total launch experience for a groundbreaking therapy in MS

The ultimate assignment: A turnkey launch meeting including theme, content, creative, scenic design, production, training, broadcast, and certification. The “Moment of Impact” theme pulled across all elements reinforcing the impact the drug (and company) was about to have for physicians, patients, and the entire MS community. While meeting results are confidential, all attendees passed their certifications and surveys were long on high praise. The company has since grown to be a global client.

Therapeutic Area: Neurology

Disease State: Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis (RMS)

Product or Drug Class: S1PR modulator

Assignment: Launch Meeting for New to Market Therapy

Audience: Specialty, Market Access

Tier One Shows: 5-Day U.S. Launch Meeting

Location: Phoenix, AZ