Global hybrid broadcast

Client: Pharmaceutical giant

Launching a new go-to-market model via customized unique experiences for all audiences

Global hybrid broadcast

Global broadcast with a live studio audience, two remote viewing hubs and thousands of attendees via Jack ethos

We were tasked with a global assignment that the client described as “too big to fail.” A program designed to bring a transformational go-to-market model to life. First up: U.S. leadership and all customer-facing employees. Live from New York City, supported by two live-remote teams (and speakers!) in Florida and the UK, we broadcast the program into the homes of more than 3,500 employees. Whether part of the live studio audience, watching from a remote hub, or engaging with the virtual platform at home, each attendee had a unique experience designed specifically for them. The four-hour hybrid event fostered thousands of chat interactions, and 800+ attendee ‘selfies’ were created and used as a photo mosaic throughout the program. This program is presently touring around the globe to three additional regions and will eventually reach nearly 20,000 employees.

  • Assignment: Go-to-market launch
  • Audience: Worldwide customer  facing employees
  • Location: Hybrid broadcast in four world regions beginning in New York.