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We know that the category of healthcare sales training is extremely broad. The training we lead most often is in-person (or hybrid) classroom training that is takes place at the time of a launch.

We have proven to be a strong partner to commercial sales organizations coming to market with a new therapy or indication. Especially because we also produce the general sessions – which means we seamlessly weave the content together across both the motivational and educational environments.

Our role combines learning strategy and instructional design with writing, design, creative, production, and technical direction. We lead the development of the design document overall, and then the full writing of the leader and participant guides with all supporting decks, videos, props, activities, and leader tracking.

These assignments typically also entail the Train the Trainer, tracked content per sales team, pre-learning, a competition to drive engagement, and (when needed) a broadcast to keep all groups running on time and on-message)


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