Virtual tradeshow pavilion

Client: Global Pharma Giant

Showcasing two respiratory and allergy medications in an untraditional virtual environment

Virtual tradeshow pavilion

The design was informed by modernist architecture – clean lines, open space and carefully thought-out displays featuring important information.

At the pandemic’s peak, one of our healthcare clients needed a virtual presence at the European Respiratory Society’s (ERS) 2021 congress. The task was to present two different medications: an inhaled corticosteroid and an injectable asthma medication. One side highlighted medication while the other showed medical information and the company’s pipeline. We created a design that was an intentional departure from a trade show aesthetic. Informed by modernist architecture, the booth featured clean lines, open space, and carefully thought-out displays featuring important information.  ​With an average dwelling time of 8+ min and 1100+ pieces of content watched or read, the virtual pavilion fulfilled its mission: welcoming the congress visitors into a peaceful virtual environment. ​

  • Therapeutic Area: Respiratory & Allergy
  • Disease State: Asthma, Nasal Polyposis, Allergies
  • Product: Inhaled corticosteroid and injectable prescription medicine for Asthma
  • Assignment: Virtual Booth
  • Audience: Respiratory Specialists​
  • Show: ERS International Congress 2021