Trade Show Strategy & Experience Design

Client: Top 10 Pharma Company

healthcare tradeshow booth design
A simulated desert ecosystem to educate eye care professionals about dry eye disease

Trade Show Strategy & Experience Design

An innovative tradeshow exhibit experience for a prescription eye drop

To educate eye care professionals (ECP) about the importance of treating dry eye disease, our client sought an innovative trade show experience that showcased the benefits of the company’s nonsteroid eye drop. We designed, built, and crafted an intricate Desert Ecosystem exhibit that allowed AAOs to experience the patient’s journey. The booth attracted 4,159 unique visitors and boasted 2,557 individual engagements, of which 28% engaged multiple times. The average attendee spent over nine minutes in the booth, and the eye-opening experience expanded the brand’s position as a trusted leader in eye care.

  • Therapeutic Area: Ophthalmology
  • Disease State: Dry Eye Disease​
  • Product: Nonsteroid prescription ophthalmic solution
  • Assignment: Exhibit Design and Build
  • Audience: ECPs, ODs, MDs
  • Show: AAO