SPARK 2020

Client: Illumina

Launching Illumina’s inaugural genomic forum

SPARK 2020

Time to pivot. Quickly.

Illumina is a leading developer and manufacturer of life science tools and integrated systems, and their mission is to improve human health by unlocking the power of the genome.

To support their mission, Jack identified an opportunity for Illumina to guide the genomic conversation by hosting their very own ideas forum. Not another science conference, but a live forum designed to inspire and deliver opportunities for collaboration, discovery and innovation.

Enter SPARK. An Illumina owned annual experience where healthcare leaders and experts come together to discuss hot topics in the industry along with relevant genomics content.  But one month out (March 2020), we had to cancel the in-person experience. Time to pivot. Quickly.

Like many individuals, healthcare audiences are hungry for on-demand content that could be watched whenever and wherever.  So, we embraced the times and created a highly credible, always-on content hub complete with up to date and relevant information on a variety of diverse subject matters including COVID-19 and systemic issues of access and inclusion in research and healthcare. This specialized platform was a first for the industry, giving Illumina a truly unique opportunity to connect with the broad genomics community. Virtually.

In close partnership with Illumina, we brought SPARK to life., creating a distinct look, feel and tone. We developed a robust, on-brand content plan that included multiple strategies for development and digital engagement. We even created a playbook for internal and external partner support.

For the inaugural series, we hosted and filmed four virtual discussions, complete with a full, content media plan to drive registration, attendance, and post engagement. We closely monitored and best practices for content length and delivery as they were constantly fluctuating during the pandemic as audiences developed screen fatigue.

By the close of 2020, Illumina’s thought-provoking and timely discussions (aka moments) around genomics had captivated hundreds of key decision makers in the industry.  In total, our moments received over 12 million impressions.