Liquid Billboard

Client: adidas

adidas Liquid Billboard

Liquid Billboard

Taking the plunge to promote inclusivity in swimwear

adidas’ brand commitment is to make the future of sport more equitable, breaking down barriers and making more space for women in sport.  Further to this, the brand has created a new inclusive swimwear collection, designed to help women embrace the water, regardless of shape, ability, ethnicity or religion.   With the insight that 32% of women globally, and almost three times this number in the Middle East, don’t feel comfortable swimming in public, we had a compelling challenge to help the brand overcome.  

Building on the above the line campaign ‘Beyond the Surface’, which introduced the new inclusive swimwear collection, our answer was to create the world’s first swimmable billboard, inviting women to take a leap of faith and dive in to become the stars of the campaign.  This unique initiative meant women who were used to seeing athletes or models on billboards, now saw themselves celebrated in the same way.

The ground-breaking 5×3 meter liquid billboard was created at one of Dubai’s most popular public beaches, with footage streamed to the city’s largest digital display in Dubai Mall, sited next to the adidas flagship store.

The stunt ignited a conversation around body positivity and the new inclusive swimwear collection, that rippled through the region and out to global media – from Vogue and Contagious, to Glamour and Mashable – with 295m total reach and $1.35m of earned media in 60+ countries across six continents.  The unique concept triggered an emotional connection to adidas’ drive for change – helping make swimming more inclusive and creating more space for women in sport. 


The adidas Liquid Billboard activation ignited a conversation around body positivity and the new inclusive swimwear collection, that rippled through the region and out to global media.  From Vogue and Contagious, to Glamour and Mashable, the campaign hit 295m total reach and $1.35m of earned media in 60+ countries across six continents.