Influencer Summit

Client: Global Pharma & Medical Device Brand

Brand refresh experience

Influencer Summit

Introducing a brand refresh to existing brand advocates.

Our client underwent a brand refresh for their baby care products and wanted to turn their 20 regional APAC ambassadors into true advocates of their science, products, and brand. To show how the brand transformed itself to resonate with millennial moms and dads as new parents, we created an immersive lifestyle experience. We transformed a property into a picturesque home surrounded with elements of the brand alongside elements that exemplified gentleness. Each room represented a space where parents interact with their children, and each setting provided the context for brand executives and experts to decode the hard science behind its gentle products. Every touchpoint was designed to be an opportunity for influencers to create social content. The campaign received 112,288,078 impressions and a had a total reach of 3,489,058.

  • Category: Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Product or Drug Class: Baby Care Products
  • Assignment: Brand refresh
  • Audience: Regional influencers