IDEA World Booth Activation

Client: Global Health Brand

Creating a fun hack for healthy snacks for the nutrition and fitness community

IDEA World Booth Activation

Delivering expected nutrition in unexpected ways

Using our insight about motivation, and the idea that brands really DO have staying power, we created a communication platform designed to deliver ‘expected nutrition in unexpected ways’. Through a series of quick and easy recipe hacks we incorporated some of our client’s favorite brands in new, versatile ways. We translated these recipe hacks into a booth over four days at IDEA World, an inspiring and impactful fitness industry event. The booth, designed to resemble a pop-up natural food café, offered an array of snacks for sampling, and had onsite dietitians and nutritionists walking around to educate attendees about the unknown nutritional benefits the snacks had to offer. With 7.1K social impressions (compared to 1.5K in 2014) and more than 17,600 product samples distributed, the IDEA World booth was a standout success.

Category: Nutrition

Product: Portfolio of healthy snacks

Assignment: 4-day Sampling Booth at IDEA World

Audience: Nutritionists, Personal trainers

Location: LA Convention Center, Los Angeles