Three Reasons Why Working in Healthcare Empowers Creative Growth

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July 12th, 2023 By

Three Reasons Why Working in Healthcare Will Make You a Stronger CreativeIn the ever-evolving world of healthcare marketing, creatives play a pivotal role in capturing the attention of healthcare providers, patients, and industry audiences to bring life-changing drugs and therapies to market. So why is the healthcare industry seen as a creative abyss?  

The quick and dirty: Healthcare marketing is often perceived as intimidating, complex, and dry—much less glamorous than other industries. Creatives worry that if they fall into healthcare, a highly regulated industry, their creativity will be stunted. I’ve found these assumptions to be completely inaccurate. In 2023, the evolving healthcare landscape means more creativity is desperately needed, especially as money pours into the industry. In 2022 healthcare marketing dollar spending increased by an estimated 12% year-over-year and is forecasted to continue its incline – building on the need for creatives to create campaigns that can stand out against the competition.  

Three Reasons Why Working in Healthcare Empowers Creative Growth

Here are three reasons why creativity in healthcare is a limitless opportunity and can make anyone’s skillset and work product stronger: 

  1. Creativity sits at the forefront of the future of healthcare—and it is a blank slate.  Groundbreaking advances are made in healthcare every day. As a creative, you are at the forefront of breakthrough drugs and therapies. You have opportunities to create campaigns that promote life-changing products never-before brought to market. How will you contribute to unlock the full potential of these products? You will be pushed to dig deep—there is a high risk and a high reward. Embrace this opportunity to make a lasting impact through bold and daring approaches that invigorate the market. 
  2. Unique boundaries create unique opportunities. If you’ve worked in healthcare, you’ll know MRL (Medical, Regulatory, and Legal) and the significance of regulatory compliance. While intimidating at first glance, by gaining a deeper understanding of compliance and regulatory standards, these unique boundaries can serve as growth catalysts for challenging conventional approaches and discovering new and memorable ideas that lead to fresh creative outcomes. This provides a significant opportunity to create campaigns that foster awareness, empower patients, and drive positive health outcomes.
  3. The creative challenge requires more passion than ever. As a creative professional, you must continuously seek new ways for audiences to connect with a product, brand, or industry. Within healthcare, it’s even more challenging to identify that connection meaningfully. You must tap into your empathy to connect with the audience. What would instill trust in a new therapy for patients? What challenges might arise? How can you make this campaign stand out? How can you introduce new therapies to the market while establishing trust among healthcare professionals (HCPs)? When you bring more passion to your work, you have the potential to transform lives. 

The world of healthcare marketing presents a unique opportunity for creatives to make a profound impact. By embracing these opportunities, challenging assumptions, and bringing your passion to the forefront, you can thrive as a stronger and more impactful creative professional within this dynamic and vital industry. 

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