Jack Health talks 2024 marketing trends and their impact on healthcare​

Annual Trends Report

March 7th, 2024 By Jack Health

2024 marketing trendsOur annual Jack trends report is here, and this is the year for healthcare brands to win hearts, not just likes. To make bold moves as a brand, lead with authenticity and purpose, and ensure your marketing is fluid – moving intentionally across your brand touchpoints, just like your audiences. ​

2024 will be remembered as the year experiential marketing took the main stage and stepped into the spotlight. In a year where so much will be happening around us, whether elections, the Olympics, blockbuster drug launches, or big cultural and political moments, brands will play a critically important part in defining the narratives of the zeitgeist around us. And people expect more of your brand than a great social media moment – they want marketing and brand experiences that matter. ​

People, whether HCPs, patients, or your own employees, are looking to make authentic connections, and this year, the currency of connection is appreciation– especially in healthcare. Whole-person experiences are showing up all over the place, showing how mental health, advocacy, and self-care go beyond just the brands that work in those spaces. And we’re here for it! ​

Tune in over the next 6 weeks to hear from leaders and SMEs across Jack Health, Genuine, Vivi, and Jack 39 as we show you how, together, we can create the moments for people to fall in love with your brand in 2024.

Episode 1: Purpose and polarization coexist

In a world full of polarization, what roles should healthcare companies play?

How far should they lean into their beliefs? There’s a lot going on this year, and brands are asking if they should jump in or stay out of the bigger conversations happening in culture and politics.

Moderator Lauren Gough, Account Director with our London Jack Health team, and SMEs Nigel Downer, Head of Jack Health, and Ben Russell, Head of Strategy for Vivi, our inclusive marketing practice, tackle these questions and more in Episode 1: Purpose and polarization coexist.

Episode 2: Employee Experience

🎙️ We’re back with another 2024 trend that’s making an impact in healthcare: employee experience.

We sat down with Jo Hull, Head of Jack Health EMEA, and Joe Panepinto, Executive Strategy Director at Jack Morton, to dive into the importance of employee engagement, and how prioritizing your people and focusing on culture, in-person experiences, and strong employer brand narratives create engaged, connected, happier and more productive teams.

Episode 3: Morph With Me

This week, we delve into consumers reshaping their actions and behaviors, how this will impact healthcare brands, and what they can do to get ahead of the curve.

We’ve gathered SMEs from Jack Health and Genuine, Jamey Hardesty, Jimmy Doucette, Kimberly Emrick-Bryan, and Katie Brown to discuss this complex topic.

Episode 4: Content Chaos

Get ready to break through the content clutter with our amazing trio, Jimmy Doucette, Alex Angstrom, and Katie Brown!

In episode 4 of our trend video series, they share valuable insights on how brands can stand out in today’s crowded digital space. Don’t miss out on this must-watch episode!

Episode 5: Unexpected, Authentic Collabs

Episode 5 is here!

How should healthcare brands partner to create unexpected yet authentic collabs to maximize success?

From how to show up authentically in unexpected places to Barbenheimer, Jack Health’s Nigel Downer, and Jack 39’s Ashley Brantman tackle it all.

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